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NC3 is a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to increasing climate information among Extension professionals, farmers, natural resource managers, and communities, and increasing the adoption of climate-smart practices.

Looking for more information? Have questions? Get in touch with the NC3 representative from your state.

Russ Higgins, Extension Educator, University of Illinois Extension

Duane Friend, Extension Educator, Energy and Environmental Stewardship

Hans Schmitz, Extension Educator, Purdue University

Austin Pearson, Extension Educator, Purdue University

Joel DeJong, Extension Field Agronomist , Iowa State University Extension

Dennis Todey, USDA ARS, National Laboratory for Agriculture and The Environment

Peter Tomlinson, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist for Environmental Quality, Kansas State University

Mary Knapp, Service Climatologist, Kansas State University

Monica Jean, Field Crops Educator, Michigan State University Extension

Joel Larson, Associate Director of the Water Resources Center, University of Minnesota

Nate Meyer, Assistant Extension Director, University of Minnesota Extension

Charles Ellis, Extension Agent, University of Missouri

Ashley Mueller, Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

Tonya Haigh,  Project Manager-Rural Sociology

North Dakota
Miranda Meehan, Extension Livestock Environmental Stewardship Specialist, North Dakota State University

Ryan Buetow, Extension Cropping Systems Specialist, North Dakota State University

Aaron Wilson, Senior Research Associate, Ohio State University

South Dakota
Laura Edwards, State Climatologist, SDSU, Project Director

Chad Cook, Land and Water Program Manager, UW-Madison Division of Extension