Need information on climate science and what climate variability means for agriculture and communities? We’re here to help.

The North Central Climate Collaborative (NC3) is made up of Extension professionals from across the region who are working to increase the flow and usability of climate information for Extension, farmers, natural resource managers, and communities. The team is working to increase the adoption of climate-smart practices, improving water management, while maintaining profitability.

Upcoming Webinar:

Climate for Cities: Increasing the capacity for cities to effectively plan for climate change – Watch Here
Monday, December 16, 2019 from 1-2PM CT
Martha Shulski, State Climatologist and Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Martha Martin HeadshotRising temperatures, greater variability, shifting precipitation patterns, and more extreme rain events due to climate change pose current and future challenges for cities. Impacts permeate across many aspects of municipalities – infrastructure, health, recreation, utilities, emergency operations, etc. Proper adaptation requires a knowledge and understanding of climate projections and how future changes will influence specific municipal concerns. This work aims to enhance decision-making and increase capacity of both small and large communities to effectively plan for change. In doing so, researchers and cities partnered to understand barriers, develop local and usable tools, and ultimately reduce risk to future climate change impacts.