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The North Central Climate Collaborative (NC3) is working to increase the flow and usability of climate information for Extension, farmers, natural resource managers, and communities. As a part of this work, the team hosts bimonthly webinars for water and climate professionals on a range of climate, water and agricultural topics.

From newspaper headlines to detailed scientific reports and lived experiences, climate change impacts and information surround us. Yet, most Americans don’t hear about climate change in the media on a regular basis and few think climate change will impact them personally.

Upcoming Webinar:

Utilizing Hydroclimatic Data to Improve Drought Monitoring and Seasonal Forecasting Techniques
Monday, August 28 at 1PM CT

Hydroclimatology is a field which encompasses both the terrestrial and atmospheric components of the hydrologic cycle. This webinar will feature Dr. Zack Leasor an assistant professor in climate science at the University of Missouri where he serves as the Missouri State Climatologist and Director of the Missouri Climate Center, who will explore how hydroclimatic data can be used to better understand land-atmosphere interactions and improve climate prediction and drought monitoring.

The land surface plays a key role in hydroclimatic hazards such as drought and extreme heat, particularly during the warm season when land-atmospheric feedbacks can result in atmospheric persistence, a source of subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) forecast skill. The persistence of anomalously warm temperatures and drought conditions is common and measuring the soil moisture is imperative for understanding the energy fluxes and land-atmosphere coupling that leads to the persistence of hydroclimatic extremes.  

Tune in to learn about Dr. Leasor’s research and the predictability of both temperature and drought at S2S timescales and considers the impact that different types of soil moisture data have on statistical temperature outlooks.

Most Recent Webinar:

Climate Action
Monday, June 26th at 1pm CT – View the Recording

Heidi Roop

Climate change is systems change and is already altering and impacting many of the natural and built systems which we rely upon. In good news, a majority of Americans support a range of mitigation and adaptation solutions. As we live through a critical decade for both climate mitigation and adaptation action, there is an urgency to act and abundance of opportunity to support climate solutions as individuals, in communities and as a collective.

In this talk, building on the recently published The Climate Action Handbook: A Visual Guide to 100 Climate Solutions for Everyone, Dr. Heidi Roop, Director of the University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership and an Assistant Professor of Climate Science and Extension Specialist at the University of Minnesota, showcases the many opportunities we each have to leverage our strengths, skills, and passions to chart an impactful climate solutions journey. Climate solutions surround us. Where will your climate solutions journey take you?

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